Vineyard Services

From the initial installation of a new vineyard to the removal of old vineyards, Yarra Valley Labour Hire offers a range of Vineyard Services.

We also have a small team of experienced vineyard operators who are available to come to your vineyard and assist with machine operating, spraying, slashing and more. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Comprehensive Care

Offering a full spectrum of services from installation to maintenance, ensuring each vineyard is expertly cared for at every stage of its lifecycle.

Efficiency and Innovation

Utilising the latest techniques and technologies in vineyard services to ensure operations are practical, time, and cost-efficient.

Custom Solutions

Tailoring services to meet each vineyard’s unique needs, whether for small boutique wineries or large-scale wine producers.

What We Do

Beyond providing skilled vineyard labour, Yarra Valley Labour Hire offers a range of additional vineyard services including:

Ready to enhance your vineyard operations? Contact us now to discuss how our tailored vineyard services can meet your needs and drive your vineyard’s success.

Slashing Services